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  • Vocals—Paula Alder
  • The Band, Seven Come Eleven—
    • Hammond Organ—Gianni Staiano
    • Guitar—Mark Van Ness
    • Drums—Kris DiNoto
    • Saxophones and horn arrangements—Bruce Wandmayer
  • Trumpet—Dan Young
  • Viola and string arrangements—Chad Kaltinger


This album was truly a collaborative affair.
First of all, these are some of the greatest songs a woman could ever sing. My heart is in every one of them. I hhave been listening to and singing jazz for thirty years, and I have been influenced by those I love— including but not limited to —Ella, Sarah, Nina, Blosson, Peggy, Billlie, Lena, Judy, Barbra— as well as a little Frank and Tony, and a lot of Ray. I was also fortunate to find a band that is musically synchronistic, immensely talented, and genuinely open to creating and building arrangements with me. My family and friends have been more than supportive and enthusiastic, and I recorded this album in a studio that helped to make all the hard work seem like great fun.

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